Matthew Burgess

From the Desk of Matthew Burgess

All my life, my most influential role models have been entrepreneurs. My grandfather, my father, and my mother all started their own businesses. Whether it's by example or genetic, it's in my system.

Since my days at a venture capital firm, I've had the great fortune to plan and grow businesses with entrepreneurs. At Formation Solutions, we've worked closely with hundreds of individuals who possess the energy, drive and determination to go out on their own.

One trait that always shines through is the willingness to take risk.

To be an entrepreneur, one must have a stomach for risk. But the most successful among them also have the gut instincts and the strategic thinking skills to control and minimize risk.

Our work at Formation Solutions is focused on reducing risks in the very first months of your business; the kind of risks that can compound over time if not addressed properly at the beginning.

I look forward to working with you and building a solid foundation on which your businesses will grow and your families may thrive.

Matthew Burgess
CEO, Formation Solutions