Beyond Standard Incorporation Services

Formation Solutions offers a detailed process that will help you to form your new C/S corporation or LLC and complete the long list of subsequent filings that you may require. We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer care, including direct access to your incorporation specialist for help with all your questions.

And as mentioned on other pages, a meaningful part of our value is in helping you work with an attorney and tax advisors effectively. If you have a CPA and lawyer, we'll coordinate with them. If you need a referral, we can help there as well.

The Formation Solutions Difference

When seeking professional assistance in forming a new business entity, entrepreneurs have traditionally had two choices: avenues that can be unnecessarily expensive, or low cost incorporation agencies.

Discount online agencies and companies offering "fast-and-cheap" incorporations may seem enticing. But entrepreneurs should not expect personal service to guide them through the process. Also, these web services typically manage only a small portion of the business formation process. Beware: mistakes and missed compliance at this stage can do lasting and costly damage.

We offer you another choice: a detailed package of services to properly form your new corporation or LLC at an affordable price.

We Manage the Complex List of Required Steps

  • Name Search for desired company name
  • Expedited preparation & filing of Articles
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN)
  • State Payroll Withholding Tax ID
  • S Corp Election
  • Documents to open a business bank account
  • DBA Filings & Newspaper Publication
  • State Seller's Permit
  • Registered Agent servce
  • City Tax Certificate (business license)
  • Customized Corporate Minutes and LLC Membership Book
  • Stock/Member Certificates & Company Seal And more...

Company Documentation CD


We also provide a customized CD with a digital archive of all company filings and documents, as well as a wealth of publications and forms to help you manage your new company, track tax deductible expenses, and much more.



Also Offering:

Post-Incorporation Document Templates

  • Standard Bylaws
  • Board of Directors Meetings & Minutes
  • Shareholders Meetings & Minutes
  • Board Actions
  • Stock Issuance
  • Preparing Founders' Stock Certificates
  • Securities Compliance

Nonprofit Corporations

  • Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation
  • 501(c)(3) Exemption Applications – Federal & State

Professional Corporations

Filings required for professional corporations under the Moscone-Knox Act and other professional guidelines. Accountanting corporations, law corporations, dental, chiropractic, and more.