Beyond Standard Incorporation Services

Formation Solutions offers templated, and cost-effective incorporation services. Using our processes, you can form a new LLC, S and C corporation, nonprofit corporation, or professional corporation, as well as provide much of the initial documentation and filings required after formation.

Are We Attorneys?

No, we're not attorneys, and we can't give you guidance on matters of law. Same with tax advice. In fact, as entrepreneurs, we preach the importance of every serious business owner engaging an attorney and a CPA as early as possible in the process of starting your business.

If you're thinking about Formation Solutions as a replacement to an attorney, you've come to the wrong place. When you speak with us, you will hear us repeatedly recommend that you get an attorney in addition to using our process.

So, Why Work with Formation Solutions?

We are entrepreneurs that appreciate the importance of follow-through on long lists of filings as one is launching a new business. So our great value to you is our detailed and thorough service packages, our tracking, and notifications so you don't miss an important initial filing or renewal.

We provide you with a process that goes far beyond the initial filing of papers with the Secretary of State. We're talking about obtaining a Federal Tax ID, making your S election, city business licenses, DBA filings and publications, seller's permit applications, state payroll withholding ID applications, registered agent service, and much more.

Our value at Formation Solutions is helping you reduce risks in the very first months of a new business entity; the kind of risks that can compound over time if not addressed properly at the beginning.

Part of that is giving you a process that ensures all the filings you require get made, and on time. And part of it is helping you form the questions you'll need to take to your lawyer and tax advisor.

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